Application Transition and Managed Support

Caribsoft provides Application Transition and Managed Services for comprehensive maintenance and support services that enable clients to economically manage its complex application portfolios.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing application maintenance and support via Managed Services are:

  • Lower recurring cost of maintaining existing application
  • Improved quality and consistent services levels
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • Greater end-user satisfaction

Caribsoft manages applications built using a wide variety of technologies. Our services include pro-active monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of applications.
Caribsoft provides managed application maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs under the following broad categories.

  • Ongoing Support
    > Application Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support
    > Database Administration
    > System Administration
  • Enhancements
    Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements
  • Upgrades
    Adding New Functionality or Features
  • Technical Improvements
    Code Optimization and  refactoring